Is UKmodels real – A detailed explanation

January 28th, 2013

For professional models and modelling agencies in London, the name UK Models is well known. This is a firm of model photographers who specialize in shooting models. Hence, aspiring models, that is, people who are looking to make a career for themselves in the modelling industry can book a photo shoot with these photographers which is then converted into a portfolio if you like the photo shoot. So, the answer to the question Is UKmodels real is, yes they are very real and they are a well established model photography studio located in the heart of London. And what is more is that they have been there for more over 10 years and have been providing unmatched services in model photography.

Beautiful girl with straight beauty hair posing isolated on white backgrounHence, in case you are wondering Is UKmodels real all you need to do is go visit them at their London studio. Or you can also get all the information you want online. There are a number of articles, reviews, websites, etc that talk about these studios, the services offered and whether or not they are real. The question of whether or not this studio is real is being discussed because of the number of scams that have come to light in the field of fashion and modelling now-a-days. There are a number of unscrupulous people out there who try and scam aspiring models out of their money and make promises to provide them with work. But this isn’t true with UK Models since it isn’t a model agency.

At UK Models, aspiring models aren’t provided with any modelling jobs. They are also not provided with any sort of modelling experience; you don’t get any advice or any other support to get modelling jobs. But if you are wondering still Is UKmodels real, then the answer to the question is, yes UK Models is real but it should be understood that it isn’t a modelling agency – rather UK Models are only model photographers. This studio specializes in shooting models, whether it is aspiring models or well experienced ones. This studio has been around for a while and is experienced in fashion photography. Hence, people who want to get a model portfolio can approach these fashion photographers and buy one from them.

To completely leave behind any doubts like Is UKmodels real you can go online and read all the available reviews about UK Models, and their studios in London called the Blue Rooms. Here you will be able to understand the circumstances that have lead to doubts of Is UKmodels real and you can also decide for yourself whether there is any truth in these allegations. There are a number of models who have actually utilized their services and have liked what they have bought. There are a number of reviews of actual and real people who have utilized their services. Additionally, you will also be able to look at the various blogs and other articles that provide full information on UK Models and the services provided by them.

Is Ukmodels a scam?

January 28th, 2013

Modeling is a tough business anywhere in the world and for UK also it’s no exception. In fact the situation is tougher here as models in UK, to be successful, need to know the rules and tenets of the industry by heart. Training is imperative for that. But who holds the best guidance and advice on this? Unanimous opinion points towards UK models agency.

But is Ukmodels a scam? No, never, but yes, some models do ask this question occasionally. Reason? UK models has a lot of jealous contemporaries extant, who spread scam rumors about it in the hope that it will spoil the agency’s good name. But in fact, all their efforts inevitably go down the drain! The agency has so great a repute in UK that none can virtually destroy it – models have benefitted from them in the past and the company is confident that it will be the same always.

Is Ukmodels a scam – what to expect?

Sexy brunette posing in violet dress.Many-a-times, complaints against UK models spring up from some undue expectations that models registered with them nurture. This is because although UK models is always insistent that it is not a ‘model agency’ in the accurate sense of the term and it is never the one to get modeling assignments, work, casting calls for models, many of the aspirants think that the agency will find them jobs in the industry, conduct makeover sessions, offer free photoshoots etc. – things that UK models never ever promises, at any point of time.

To avoid such misunderstandings, all aspirants are advised to read up the Terms & Conditions extensively before signing up with UK models, and the company itself recommends this. It is more of a finishing school for models, they say, whereby you get to learn more about the profession, its intricacies, its facets and the ploys of making it big in the modeling world. It also has excellent Portfolio, E-folio and Z-card services in the agenda. These are all payable services but extremely helpful for encapsulating the photogenic qualities of the models in a file to be presented to prospective employers.

So is Ukmodels a scam? Not possible. Because here is an organization which is reputed for offering models genuine help on the nuances of the profession since a long time, charging nothing for the registration and helping them to know the industry from a closer angle. How can they be wrong? Apart from a lot of helpful beauty & grooming tips, health & nutrition guidance and interview tips, the experts here also educate models about -

  • Role of lighting in making great photos
  • Poses which work the best
  • The modeling forte
  • Cat-walking
  • Different genres of modeling

In short UK models works towards fortifying the strengths of a model with modeling instructions that are top-class, and guidance that is sourced from the best professionals in the industry. So when you believe in these experts, you come to believe more in your capabilities and excellence – things that you need to rise up the ladder of modeling in UK. Any question of scam does not exist.

Are you an aspiring model? Here’s all you need to know

January 15th, 2013

With over 10 years of experience in the modeling industry, UK Models is the place for aspiring models to realize their dream of becoming a model. It needs more than just good looks to become a model. It requires motivation, patience, working with different teams, travel and more than all these, a good agency to back the model.

UK Models provides valuable tips to models helping them work with stylists; photographers and agents making sure that their profiles stand out. UK Models believes in quality work. UK Models guides the aspirants to the areas they fit and can excel in.  Men, Women, Teens and Children benefit from the advice by UK Models. With advanced services like ZCards and eFolio, UK Models makes sure that the models can be found and contacted easily by professional agencies.

Young women in a hatThe more impressive the portfolio, the better are the chances of finding work. The Portfolio services offered by UK Models showcase a model’s full potential to the clients.

UK Models is not only just a platform to launch the models but is also a trainer that helps the models stay in vogue.

If you have a child who is interested in modeling but are unsure how to take things forward, do not worry. You have come to the right place. UK Models works with the parents of the aspiring models and provides them with information about industry pitfalls and other details that help the parents working with agencies. So you can be rest assured that everything is taken care of.

By offering a registration and industry advice free of charge, UK Models provides a truly genuine and candid environment. This is very essential for the aspiring models to feel confident in the world today where scams are heard of frequently.

The staff at UK Models is extremely friendly and supportive, making the models feel much more comfortable contributing to an excellent outcome in the portfolios.

Are you worried about not being the perfect size? Or do you want to just highlight your hands that have been manicured perfectly or beautiful feet that are just waiting to be photographed? Then don’t worry – with services like body parts modeling, fitness modeling, plus size etc., UK Models reaches out to all the sections of modeling. UK Models cares for its members. The health of the models is important and the models are properly advised to take good care of their health.  They make sure that all the models who work with them are healthy and fit before they start working. So if you’re looking for someone who will help you not only with professional advice, but also keep your best interests at heart, you have come to the right place.

All You Might Want To Know About UK Models

January 8th, 2013

Have you always liked the camera? Do you enjoy being the center of attention? Then modeling is the career path that you should be looking at! If you’re looking for someone to shoot a portfolio for you, you certainly have come to the right place.

 Young women in a hatUK Model studio is located perfectly in central London and is connected very well to the other parts of the city. It is very accessible and easy to locate.

 With over 10 years of industry experience, this is the best place for anyone to get a portfolio done! UK Models is UK’s premium fastest growing modeling agency for training aspiring models. They also are proud of their global accessibility. They have helped a lot of models realize their potential and reach their professional goals. Although they are not a modeling agency, it is easy to get in touch with one, to get the right start in this field.  UK models have a very good work ethic, and discourage all kinds of scam related practices. UK Models appreciates your individual requirement and provide you help and advice that is customized to your needs.

Although UK Models does not provide portfolios for free, they do offer a lot of other services.  They do not call you if you just have a pretty face, but you also need to be professional. If you are not serious or are looking for just a day out, or a way to experience modeling, this is not the place for you. They prefer models who are serious and focused about what they do rather than people who come, just to have a good time.  They do offer free registrations though, and do not charge any joining fees at all.  UK Models does not host any castings but they do help you build your portfolio from scratch.

They also do not test models for any purpose and neither do they have women over to get just a makeover. They truly believe in potential when they see it. So if you have the zeal to do something more with your passion, come visit us.

UK Models also has a vast industry experience and offer great professional advice. The suggestions they quote are very different from model to model, and have a personal touch involved. They go out of their way to make the models feel comfortable and at home.

They have a very high success rate and a good positive track record.  Apart from model portfolios, the company also takes care of Z cards, E folios, and Model boot camps. The testimonials from clients prove how genuine UK models are and always will be.  So what are you still waiting for?

Do remember if you’re applying though, all applicants should read the terms and conditions before applying.

UK Models Scam – Guide To Avoid Modeling Scams:

November 19th, 2012

beautiful blonde modelThere are innumerable modeling agencies operating in UK, however, not all these agencies are credible and trust worthy. Among a few reliable modeling agencies, UK Models top the list as being the most popular fashion photography agency. This agency with over 10 years of experience working in the modeling industry has earned the goodwill of the fashion houses and the models as being a premier photography agency that renders the best portfolio creation service. The experts associated with the agency are extremely passionate about their work and to help the amateur models identify the scam agencies provide the following tips:

  • Deposit money:

One of the features that distinguish UK Models legit agency from the scam agencies is the fact that the reputed agencies never charge a single penny from the models for signing up with them. If a modeling agency asks for a joining fee for being a part of them or to represent them, you can be sure that the agency is a fake.

  • Research:

Before you enroll into any modeling agency, it is pivotal that you do a research about the agency’s reputation and credibility. You can check the agency’s website and read the peoples review and model testimonials who have worked them in the past.

  • Physical Address:

Unlike the UK Models legit agencies, the scam agencies do not have a physical office or valid address. If you come across any person pretending to represent a certain agency, you must first ask for their office location and if the person hesitates to reveal the agency’s office address, you can then be certain that such agency doesn’t exist at all.

  • Casting fees:

You must avoid joining a modeling agency that calls you to join them because they have seen your pictures posted online. There is a always a risk that such agency may be a scam. Besides, if the agency asks you to pay money for receiving job updates through phone or for attending test photo shoots, be blatant to refuse their offer because such agencies are often fake.

  • Discount Offer:

If you come across an advertisement published by a modeling agency stating they are offering an attractive discount on fees for joining them within a limited period of time, it is advisable you stay away from such agency. Legitimate and reputed agencies will not indulge into such aggressive tactics. Make sure you do not fall victim to luring lines like, ‘ we have been looking for a model like you’, ‘Sign-up now and get paid job offer’,

UK Models: Scam or Accused Scam?

October 30th, 2012

It is often that we see demeaning and defaming in the fashion industry by the critics just to get the reputation of the competitors to the dogs. UKmodels is also accused scam while we clearly mention all the details in our website. First of all, it is of importance to understand that where the modelling world is concerned, there a hell lot of fake and bogus agencies that promise you the world but just do to take your money and do nothing. This is sure a disappointment for aspiring models. But it does give an insight into the ups and downs of the fashion world.

Fashion ModelThat is how it is in the fashion world! Cheating, pulling other’s down to go up the ladder, accusing of guilt and associating it with a model just to get down the reputation. It is really not as flashy as it looks; there are dark dingy alleyways in the fashion career and all models sign up for an unspoken display of courage and disregard to such petty trials to get them down. Strength of mind and heart is therefore a necessity for all the aspiring models.

The UKmodels make it clear that they are not a modelling agency and do not help you find work. They do not help you get signed in any way other that creating a beautiful profile or portfolio for you. Registration to the UK Models is free and the deposit to attend the photo shoot is refundable on the condition that you show up for the appointment. In case of failure to attend the appointment, even a little fee may be collected to charge for the loss of time and energy.

The UK Models also makes it clear that aspiring models aged below 21 are not supposed to attend the shoot without parental guidance. Isn’t that proof enough that UK Models is genuine? Which fake and scam agency asks for parental guidance if they want to reap money out of you? It is very clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions of the UK Models that the portfolio is not free and is charged unlike the registration. However it is the choice of the model to choose if he/she wants to take the portfolio or not.

UK Models does not test models or evaluate them, their job is just to call down worthy aspirants for a shoot where a group of professionally trained and famous hair stylists, makeup artists and photographers do their best to make the model look best in four to five styles and shoot in various styles to display the versatility of the model. What can possibly be a scam when the UKmodels is not even a modelling agency! They never claimed to be one, the job role is clear as crystal in the website and they do not charge a penny for the registrations, I do not see where the accusations come from!

The reality behind the idea of ukmodels scam

October 30th, 2012

The internet today is the best source of information, which is why most people use it more than the other conventional sources. And it is a great idea if you check any firm before you hire their services. In case you are an aspiring model, you would know about UK Models. These people are professional model photographers and provide aspiring models with portfolio, which is a group of 8 to 10 photos taken in different poses and angles and which aim to show the talent of any girl, boy or child as a model. But if you look for information about UK Models the first thing you will come across is ukmodels scam.

So, is UK Models a scam? What is the reality behind the idea of ukmodels scam? Well the main reason for the idea that UK Models is a part of modelling scams in UK is misinformation. Going by the name people think that UK Models is a model agency and can provide people with experience, appraisals and jobs in the fashion industry. But the facts are that UK Models isn’t a model agency; it doesn’t provide you with modelling work, it doesn’t launch your modelling career and it doesn’t provide you with any sort of ‘experience’. All they do is conduct photo shoots and provide you with your portfolio.

Hence, the concept of ukmodels scam is not true. These people are legitimate and state on their website and in their articles and using all other online sources that they aren’t a modelling agency and don’t provide work. People who don’t have correct information and approach UK Models as an agency are politely informed that such services aren’t available and will be informed about the services that are actually offered – providing a professionally made portfolio. Hence, the reason why people believe in ukmodels scam is due to misinformation.

So, is UK Models a scam? No, it definitely isn’t and hence you can confidently approach UK Models to get your portfolio made. Rather than being a part of modelling scam UK, these people are experienced and good at making model portfolios. They have actually been in business for more than nine years now and hence know a lot about making model portfolios. Hence, in case you obtain their services you will be pleased with the professionally made portfolio which has the ability to bring out the best model in you.

So, rather that worrying about ukmodels scam it can be advantageous to obtain their services. You will have to attend a photo shoot that takes a minimum of an hour, for which nothing is charged and on completion you will be provided with a portfolio for which affordable fees are charged. And once you get the portfolio made you can start your journey as a model. And since UK models are experienced with making portfolios for nine years you will have a better chance of getting an assignment with their portfolio.

Pure Space studios reviews can offer useful information

August 21st, 2012

One of the leading photographic studios of London is the Pure Space studio. If you want to give a definite shape to your modeling career, you have to take the help of a good photographic studio. A good studio in fact plays a pivotal role in crafting the modeling careering of a model. Pure Space being one of London’s best photographic studios can help you a lot. The Pure Space studios are run by UK Models, a reputed modeling company of London. If you wish to gather more info on Pure Space studios, you can do it by reading the various Pure Space studios reviews on the internet. That will help you to know clearly what all services and benefits you would get if you select the Pure Space studios in the course of your modeling journey.

Pure Space studios reviews: You will learn about their portfolio making services

Pure Space studios make portfolios for models. The portfolio making services offered at Pure Space studios have in them all the elements of style, modern trends and most importantly professionalism. You will get to know all this if you read the various Pure Space studios reviews on the internet. When you approach any modeling agency for a modeling contract, they will first ask for your portfolio. Therefore portfolio is a must-have for any model; it is your visa in to the industry. If you are thinking of getting a portfolio done through then select Pure Space as the studio where you can get your portfolio shot. The various Pure Space studios reviews will explain to you why exactly you should do that.  Pure Space studios are able to produce a portfolio with some excellent pictures of a model. This is because the model is presented perfectly-from head to foot-during the portfolio photo shoot. The studio’s top stylists, attire designers and makeup artists apply their professional skills to perfect the look of the model. Every minute detail for instance the nail polish the model wears is taken care of and the result is some outstanding portfolio photographs that would impress any modeling agency.

Pure Space studios reviews: The studio underwent changes

The various Pure Space studios reviews will reveal the certain changes that have taken place in the Pure Space studios in the present times. Earlier the studios charged a higher price for the portfolio making services but now the prices have come down to a certain extent. Also in the past the portfolio photos were offered to models only in the hard drives and not as what is commonly known as physical portfolios. But now it is not so. The various Pure Space studios reviews will tell you how the studio has done away with all the shortcomings of the past within a brief span of time in order to improve their customer service.

Pure Space studios reviews: What celebrities say?

The various Pure Space studios reviews will also let you know what the celebrity models have to say about the studio. They all appreciate the kind of services they had received from the studio and express their gratitude. Many models talk plenty of good things recollecting the 4 hours long portfolio sessions they had spent at the studio during the photo shoots.

So in this way the many Pure Space studios reviews can be helpful.

Pure Space studios and Fashion Photography

August 14th, 2012

Now is the era of fashion. More and more people are observing the fashion world for various reasons. Models are always the key in the fashion world. There are several people who have been aspiring to make their mark in the modeling industry today. Irrespective of age, there are several models entering the field every day. There is lot of information available on the internet today about modeling industry. For those aspiring to enter this most attractive field, several websites have been providing advice as well as services. The Pure Space Studios is one that has become quite popular in the fashion world. There are several aspects of this studio that make it the best destination to build portfolios.

There are several reasons why one has to choose the Pure Space Studios to build their portfolio. The first aspect that one has to consider while choosing a studio is their experience in the field. With over 10 years of experience in providing portfolios and fashion photography, Pure Space Studios is one most preferred today. There have been several famous models that had their portfolios done from this studio and today creating their niche in the fashion world. Unlike regular photography fashion photography needs special skills and knowledge. Special equipments and cameras are also used in fashion photography which is quite expensive and as well sophisticated too.

There are people of different ages who aspire to enter the modeling industry. The vast experience of Pure Space Studios enables them to provide special modeling photography to models of all ages. From tiny tots to teenagers to the middle aged models, Pure Space Studios can handle all types of portfolios. These portfolios are quite helpful for one to take a modeling assignment from the agencies. Another aspect of building portfolios is the kind of modeling one wants to take up. There are different types of modeling such as body parts, ad campaigns, photo shoots, garment modeling, etc. Each of these types of modeling requires a special type of portfolio. Pure Space Studios is well experienced to provide excellent portfolios basing on the requirement of the model.

Another important aspect that one has to look in a fashion photography studio is the expertise of the photographers. It is quite advisable to choose one where the photographers have been working with the big shots of the modeling world. The professionals of Pure Space Studios are some of the best photographers in the modeling world who have been working with the modeling stars for quite some time.

The Pure Space Studios is now accessible through their website on the internet. One can access and fill a simple form to register with the studio. The website also provides valuable advices for the new comers into the modeling industry. In the fashion world where reputation is everything, Pure Space Studios has been the leader for many long years. The website of the studios provides lot of exciting information about modeling and fashion photography. Log on now!

UK Models Bluerooms And Reasons Behind Its Success

August 3rd, 2012

UK Models Bluerooms is considered to be the leading fashion photography studio in the country and with good reason too. Within a short period of time the studio became the place to go to for young aspiring models who wanted to give their careers a cutting edge advantage. And over the years it has a built a solid reputation in the industry for itself. So much so that today it’s considered to be the top destination amongst aspiring models from all over the country, who are extremely focussed on their careers.

Bluerooms is the place where talent comes together in different shapes and forms, according to many industry experts. That’s why; young wannabe models prefer their experience of working with this fashion studio where creative ideas keep taking form of amazing photographs that build a strong portfolio for them. Here’s understanding, how this creative process takes shape at Bluerooms.

UK Models Bluerooms: Ideas that make all the difference.

As a young model, you understand that your portfolio can make or break your future career. You don’t want to put a step wrong when it comes to your portfolio and want nothing but the best. Bluerooms understands that too, which is why it works with top photographers and other creative people in the business. Their creative inputs, ideas and needless to mention, their huge experience in the field, is what makes for stunning pictures at the end of the day. However as an aspirant, you have a huge say in the way you want the photoshoot to go as well. Hence here you are a part of the creative process and your ideas are considered when looks for the photoshoot are worked out. Thus at the end of the day you will have chosen a few different looks that will highlight your potential to the fullest.

UK Models Bluerooms: Putting the best step forward.

As mentioned earlier, the experience of working with top professionals in the business not only leads to an awe inspiring portfolio but it also gives your confidence a massive boost. Bluerooms also ensures that there are no slips when it comes to this all important portfolio; hence top quality equipment is used for the shoot. The company has two centrally located studios in London where the shoot is often conducted and some pictures will be clicked on outdoor locations as well. Thus the portfolio that’s created at the end of the day will speak volumes about your talent, which is exactly what you want.

UK Models Bluerooms: For completely transparent procedures.

Models working with the studio have no fear of being taken for a ride because the company maintains complete accountability in its dealings. Here only the models who have been successful in the photoshoot are asked to buy the portfolio pictures, which are available to them at reasonable prices. Importantly they get honest feedback from experts in the business. What’s more, many of them also get advice for as long as one year, from professionals working with Bluerooms, which is an added bonus.

If you want to shape your future career through a sensational portfolio, UK Models Bluerooms is the place to go to.